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 Welcome to my website my name is Austin Morell, I'm from Miami, Florida and I'm 27 years old. I've been in the fitness industry for about 10 years not only competing as a bodybuilder but coaching and training others. Aside from competing and training, I also own a supplement company (Ram Sports Nutrition).  I decided to start this supplement business to give people quality products that are essential for energy and performance in any sport. My knowledge with supplements came from working at a variety of supplement stores and companies, taking nutrition courses and studying the key essential ingredients to maximize performance. 


Please contact me today if you are interested in Meal Prep Delivery Service/Online Coaching or 1 on 1 Personal Training.

"Let me help you achieve whatever goals you have in your mind to accomplish. I will share my knowledge and guide you to becoming your absolute best."


  I offer the highest quality of personal training and online coaching with several years of experience.   

If you are looking for a trainer who specializes in nutrition and customizes and tailors training programs I am the one for you. I make everything as convenient as possible so it is easier for you to be consistent. The longer you are consistent the more results you will yield.


I prepare your meals and offer customized training services. You won’t find a  cheap “copy and paste guide" here. I VALUE my clients and want to see them succeed. This is why I have been around so long and continue to expand my services! I have a wide range of services tailored for all types of people. Whether it is male, female, beginner or advanced. 


The services that I offer are:


  • One on One Personal Training. Once I  assess each client we will determine what method of training is best for a client whether it be weight lifting, plyometrics, resistance training, or a combination of different kinds.

  • I will measure, weight, and calculate body fat % to track your progress to maximize the process according to body type.

  • Meal Prep and Customized Diet: I will buy, cook, and individually measure/ pack and deliver your meals to your home or work. 

  • Online Training: If you are not located near us or find this of a more convenient method online coaching may be for you. I offer customized meal plans tailored to meet your fitness goals. Everything is calculated to meet your goals.   your macronutrient intake. I have trained and coached thousands of clients for competition, weight loss, weight gain, and overall health issues. We can be contacted by email. I also offer Skype/FaceTime services as well. A customized program will be established according to





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