1 Month Meal Plan 3 Meals Per Day Male Meal Prep with Delivery Service

Proteins : White fish, Salmon, Beef, Chicken, Lean Ground Turkey, shrimp , steak

Amount: 5-7 Oz Portions Per Meal (You Choose)

Carbs : Any color potato, quinoa, brown rice, jasmine white rice, gluten free pasta , sweet potato fries.

Amount : 1- 12 oz Per Meal ( You choose)

Fat : Avocado, Nuts, (Any Oil), Nut butters

Amount: 1-2 Tablespoons per meal (You choose)

Veggies : broccoli, mixed veggies, asparagus (1-2 spears per meal), green beans, squash, kale Amount:1-5 oz per meal ( You choose)

“ DELIVERIES WITIHIN 15 MILE RADIUS OF 33332” Otherwise pick up available

1 Month Meal Plan (Men)